Armed with more than three decades of experience, is your knowledgeable source for standby generator support. We provide code compliance information, technical support, installation support, submittal review, specification writing assistance, and much more.

Maintenance Staff or Owners

You can find help with CMS and state requirements, technical information about your generator, maintenance information, and operational procedures.

Government Surveyors, Inspectors, and Fire Marshals

You are welcome to join our forum. There is no charge for access to our website for government employees. You can find explanations of the technical aspects of NFPA 110, 99, and 70 with regard to standby generators. Access our inspection and testing log, inspection handbook, and QuickCheck card.

Electrician, Generator Specifications in Independence, MO

Consulting Engineers and Architects

We have over 35 years of experience working in the standby generator industry. During that time, we have written EPSS specifications and reviewed many submittals. Also, we can assist you with technical help in understanding the esoteric terminology contained in NFPA 110. Additionally, we can shed light on the manufacturers' marketing strategies.

Electrical or General Contractors

With our years of experience in the generator industry, we will show you how to avoid common installation pitfalls. Building inspectors are beginning to take a closer look at the emergency generator installations.

Vendors, Suppliers, or General Repair Technicians

We offer code workshops that will help you understand local generator codes and be more profitable by being more knowledgeable than the person across the street.

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As a consultant I can solve a large variety of problems for you. I can provide training for your staff, maintenance programs, code complaint inspection and testing procedures, and a whole lot more.


Healthcare Associations

In recent years the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has begun to place increasing importance upon emergency and standby power systems. This has led to a lot of expense and confusion for owners of healthcare facilities.

I have prepared a presentation that provides guidance for owners and operators. I make clear which codes/standards healthcare providers are required to meet as well as how compliance may be achieved. In addition, I cover issues such as the following:

  • How to prepare for a CMS or State survey
  • How your local building and fire codes work for you
  • Simple steps to improve reliability and reduce costs
  • Things that you really need to know that the generator company won’t tell you
  • How to supervise a repair
  • How to supervise maintenance
  • What you need to know before you buy a new generator

 As a part of my presentation I provide a summary of the discussion as well as handout materials for your members to take home and use as reference. In addition, I remain available to your members for consultation after the presentation in order to assist them with problems and questions that arise after they return home.

 My presentation usually runs about two and a half hours. However, depending upon the time slot available, I can adjust it from one to four hours.

 I have been in the emergency power system business since 1977 and have owned my own company since 1983. In the early ‘90s I began providing in-house training programs for my industrial customers and in 2005 began codes based training programs for my healthcare clients as CMS started enforcing NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, 2000 edition. The following is a partial list of recent presentations: 

  • Kansas Health Care Association, July 2010
  • MO State Fire Marshals and DHSS surveyors, October 2010
  • KC, MO City Fire Marshals, December 2010
  • CMS Region VII surveyors, December 2010
  • Local workshops at Sermon Center 1/13, 2/25, 3/25/11
  • Columbia, MO Water Dept., April 2011
  • North Dakota Longterm Care Association, May 2011
  • MO Fire Marshal’s Assn. annual meeting, July 2011
  • North Dakota Longterm Care Association, May 2012
  • Kansas State Fire Marshals, October 2012

 I am available for your organization. If you would like more information, please contact me at 816-373-4768.

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