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Talk to an experienced generator repair technician.  (800) 888-4594.  We provide the answers by email and by phone 24 hours a day.  We are the generator tech support people with decades of field experience and a huge library of generator manuals.

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Ask questions and get answers from our trained technicians and other folks who own generators and have inquired about issues.  Surveyors, fire marshals, and building inspectors participate in the forum.  You can express your concerns anonymously and get an answer instead of a tag.  Here is your chance to express your concerns and see what the professionals think.


About Us provides invaluable standby generator support for clients across the country. We offer a wide range of help, including generator code compliance, technical assistance, and much more.

Did you know?

The batteries should be changed in this automatic transfer switch at least every three years.

Generac Power System Generator, Generator Advice in Independence, MO

Three AAA rechargeable batteries are used.  When these batteries fail,

your generator may not start automatically.

Maintenance staff and owners in search of technical assistance

We can help with CMS and state health department generator requirements, generator technical information, generator maintenance infromation, generator building codes, and operational procedures.  If you are having trouble, we provide 24 hour generator technical support.  We can help you with generator repair.  As a subscriber, our extensive library of generator manuals, generator troubleshooting guides, generator wiring diagrams, and schematics can be available to you.

Generator building codes help for government surveyors, inspectors, and fire marshals.

You are welcome to join our forum.  There is no charge for surveyors, fire marshals, ro building inspectors.  You can find explanations of the technical aspects of NFPA 101, NFPA 110, NFPA 99, and NFPA 70 with regard to standby generators.  Also, you may download our code compliant weekly inspection/monthly test checklist, installation acceptance test guideline, and survey Quickcheck card.

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Generator technical information for consulting engineers and architects

Smoke control systems, fire pumps, and elevators are all life safety systems required by International Building Code and NFPA 110, Life Safety Code.  We help you with installation, application, codes, submittals, and specifications for all reciprocating engine-driven EPS systems.

Generator help for electrical and general contractors

Stand by generators are difficult and complicated machines to install and repair.  NFPA 70, National Electric Code,is required by most cities along with NFPA 110.  Let us help you meed the code.

Generator manuals and tech support for vendors, suppliers, and generator repair technicians

Don't take a chance on getting it wrong.  We can help you understand codes, drawings, and specifications.  Our subscribers have access to our library of generator manuals, troubleshooting guides, and direct technical assistance.

If you have a portable generator, RV generator, Home Standby generator


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